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ISOFX- Introducing Broker

Introducing broker is providing opportunity to meet new client and earn more commission. Introducing brokers are usually compensated as a portion of the spread on each trade their client makes. Account manager is appointed to each IB to help them to grow their business and to ensure we provide the highest levels of service to clients. Start earning revenue from ISOFX Forex while at the same time provide excellent service to your referrals.

Benefits of IB -

  1. Fast and friendly dedicated support to your referral clients.
  2. Reliable work with the regulated financial firm.
  3. You can make an amount of withdrawal on demand.
  4. Easy account opening for Introducing Broker.
  5. Become an IB with no targets to meet.
  6. An IB will earn real-time revenue.
  7. Be a part of the forex market without investing in it.
  8. Automatic commission calculation with the statement.