ISOFX- Marketing Tools

We give our traders to free forex trading tools. All of our tools are customized to help traders all over the world.

Seminars & Webinars

Technical indicators are crucial in helping you know when to enter and exit trades. Every trading platform will have some technical indicators bundled that help you to in trading.

Technical indicators:

Our partners and their clients can read or download ISOFX Partnership brochures and presentations anytime.

Forex Calender

Fundamental analysts can’t do without Forex calendar, and a technical analyst has to be aware of what’s going on beyond the Forex charts.


Get access to the full set of static and flash banners that will help you to attract more clients and extend your client base. You can also get the customized banners made according to your requirements & needs & advertise accordingly.

Trading Strategies

Your strategy must cover all the steps involved in making a trade from the first to the last.


Get access to all high quality logos easily from your affiliate portal only. The logos are available in all sizes and shapes.