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ISOFX - Security of Funds

ISOFX places special emphasis on protecting client’s funds. In order to secure funds we provide best conditions including partnership with top tier banks, data protection and account verification.

Trade with Global Leader

  1. ISOFX offers a secure client funds solution through segregated bank accounts. In this arrangement, a company account is opened with top tier banks where all clients’ funds are saved. These funds separates account from the company's operating funds.
  1. ISOFX uses SSL certificate to protect all data client enters on our website. SSL, or Secure Sockets Layer, is a protocol that allows a safe communication between client and our websites. The SSL protects your data and your account.
  1. In order to protect your account fully, ISOFX recommend going through our detailed verification process. This consists of:
  2. an email verification
  3. an ID Card Verification
  4. an address verification;

Risk Management

Due to high volatility, there are numbers of risks associated that can result in substantial losses. With fundamental, technical and risk management strategies we help you to get familiar with current or upcoming dynamics.

With unique combination of variable security measures you can be certain that you are always in good hands with ISOFX.